Hi, I’m Sven Sporer and I live in Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria. I have a masters degree in Information Management & Computer Security. Currently, I solve complex DevOps challenges, using Puppet, Foreman, Jenkins and coding Ruby and Bash, among other things.

I’m also interested in everything related to web technology, photography, design, and love being outdoors rock climbing or playing tennis.

If you’ve got an interesting project to work on or just want to say Hi!, please check out my contact form.


My main areas of interest are DBaaS-type systems for Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SAP HANA, focusing on automatic installation/deployment, configuration, patching, and backup.

I’m also interested in ensuring the quality of these services via continuous integration and testing of infrastructure and services.

Technology-wise, I keep myself busy primarily with the following publicly available tools:

I also write articles on txt.intothespirit.com and publish a small selection of pubic visible web-related projects. For a small selection, just head over to intothespirit.com.